The Best Sympathy Gifts And “Get Well Soon” Gifts For The Cancer Patient In Your Life

Sympathy Gifts For Cancer Patients

Wondering what to get a cancer patient? Whether your loved one is a hospital patient, chemo patient, or at home recovering from surgery, one of these “get well soon” sympathy gifts is certain to knock their grippy hospital socks off.

Finding out you have cancer is terrible. Undergoing cancer treatment is also terrible, in a completely different way. Something that makes cancer a little bit less terrible is remembering how much your friends and family love you and want to support you. If someone you know and love is battling cancer, one of these thoughtful sympathy gifts is a great way to remind them that you’ve got their back.

So here are some of my favorite ideas for people who are searching for gifts for cancer patients.

Sympathy Gifts For Cancer Patients

Survivor Chest

Survivor Chest should be your go-to gift for cancer patients undergoing chemo. This carefully curated chemo care package is updated every quarter, and a box might contain clothing items, jewelry, head coverings, snacks, non-toxic beauty products, and natural remedies, making it one of the best gifts for chemo patients out there. Everything is organic or all-natural, and a portion of proceed from this cancer care package are directed towards opening a cancer-focused women’s health and wellness center.

Get a sneak preview of the Survivor Chest on my Instagram:

Soooooo I set out to do my normal workout this morning and my body did. not. want. to participate. 😬 Naturally, I IMMEDIATELY started getting down on myself for not performing to my own expectations 😐⠀ –⠀ But my kinder, gentler side decided to speak up and reminded me that every day is different, and that setbacks happen, and that’s ok. And maybe it’s time for some self-care? Good talk, self!⠀ –⠀ This was perfect timing because my @survivorchest had just come in the mail! SurvivorChest is a care package stuffed with organic and non-toxic products that are carefully curated to help cancer fighters feel beautiful and well. Swipe to check out what’s in this summer’s Chest… And guess who will be winding down tonight with a candlelit lavender mineral bath? That’s right… 👉this girl👈⠀ –⠀ My favorite item in the Chest, though, is the lightweight 🌵 scarf. I plan to wear it the next time I’m feeling… prickly… watch out, world!⠀ –⠀ If you want to gift this same box of goodies to a loved one (OR TO YOURSELF… self-gifts are the best gifts, am I right?) you can grab one for 10% off through the end of September using the code SHARE at

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Spoonful of Comfort

THIS IS A DELIVERY OF SOUP. Imagine coming home from one of your 10,000 doctor appointments that week to a box containing ready-to-eat chicken noodle soup, crusty rolls, and cookies. That would be pretty much the best post surgery care package ever, right? It even comes with a fancy ladle. Yum! Comfort food at its finest, and one of the most creative sympathy gift baskets I’ve ever heard of.

Edible Arrangements

Edible arrangements are perfect for basically everybody, because who doesn’t love delicious fruit that someone else cut up and covered in chocolate for you? Bonus: dark chocolate and strawberries are among the top cancer fighting foods.

You can write this on the card:

It’s a well-known truth that badasses who are battling their way through cancer treatment can eat as many chocolate covered strawberries as they please. Sharing is optional. No judgment.

Aromatherapy Diffuser Set With Essential Oils

Discomfort. Anxiety. Insomnia. Grief. Depression. Exhaustion. Fear. Anger. Burnout. Memory loss. Cancer treatment comes with a litany of side effects, and aromatherapy can help soothe them. And when you’ve been holed up in your apartment for who knows how long, there’s nothing quite like aromatherapy to make home feel a little less like a prison and a little more like a spa day.


Script “F*ck Cancer” Necklace

A little rough and edgy, a little delicate. Kind of like your rad, amazing, super tough pal, who’s a little knocked down at the moment, but will totally rebound on the other side of this, stronger than ever.

Massage Gift Certificate

The power of touch is its healing potential: it’s been said that touch can reduce stress, pain, and blood pressure. But if you’re looking for gifts for someone recovering from surgery, take note: If your recipient has recently had breast surgery, she may not be able to lie comfortably face down for quite some time. Massage therapists who are trained in cancer and lymphedema massage will be able to accommodate breast surgery patients, but a massage therapist who does prenatal massage could work well too.

Sun Basket Meals

You may have noticed that my list of sympathy gift ideas is very food-centric, and with good reason: it’s tough to eat healthy (or at all) when you’re recovering from cancer treatment. Meal kit boxes take all the thinking and working out of the equation when it comes to getting a decent meal, so they’re perfect for people in recovery, and Sun Basket is my choice because it’s all organic and sustainable, and you can choose from a variety of meal plans, including vegan, Mediterranean, and pescatarian diets. Just make sure you’re available to help your lucky recipient haul in the box, if she’s recently had surgery. You don’t want her to tear a stitch!

A Motivational Shirt

My favorite shirts right now are from the New Balance Lace Up for the Cure collection, which has a ton of cute activewear that would make great breast cancer gifts. Check out the super-clever B•EA•T CANCER slogan! The shirts are breathable and wick sweat, so they’re the perfect choice for working to get back in shape after treatment OR sweating out hot flashes on the couch. Bonus: a portion of proceeds benefit Susan G. Komen.

Sympathy Gifts: New Balance Lace Up For The Cure Breast Cancer Shirt

A house cleaner

Take your loved one on a walk or to get some dessert while a pro cleans their house. You can book housekeeping services on Amazon now and it’s so convenient. Try Amazon Home Services

Gifts for hospital patients

Bring food. Something delicious, maybe homemade, preferably baked goods. They’ll get a respite from underwhelming hospital food, and the only things they’ll have to carry home are a belly full of treats and a heart full of gratitude.

Inexpensive Sympathy Gifts From The Heart

Of course, you don’t have to go out and spend a bunch of money to do something that will touch your friend’s heart. These are some of my favorite inexpensive “get well soon” gift ideas:

  • A CD of music you think is in inspiring, with a note explaining why
  • A thoughtfully written card (one of these empathy cards from Emily McDowell would be PERFECT)
  • Home cooked food
  • The gift of your time: come over to walk the dog, vacuum, or just watch a movie

What are your go-to sympathy gifts? What’s the best get well soon gift you’ve ever received? Let me know in the comments!












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